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Opening Session and Keynote Speakers: Overview of Bioptic Driving

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  • Dr. Dawn DeCarlo

    Dr. Dawn DeCarlo received her Doctor of Optometry and Master of Science degrees from the UAB School of Optometry in 1992. She earned her MSPH in 2012 and her PhD in Vision Science in 2020, also from UAB. She completed residency training in vision rehabilitation at the Chicago West Side VA Medical Center and the Hines Central Blind Rehabilitation Center. She served as faculty at the UAB School of Optometry until 2001 followed by a faculty position at Nova Southeastern College of Optometry until 2005. Since that time, she has been a member of the UAB Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences and director of the UAB Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation. She is a Diplomate of the Low Vision Section of the American Academy of Optometry. Her current research focus is on reading and pediatric vision impairment.

  • Jason Vice

    Jason Vice is a graduate of the UAB School of Health Professions where he received his Master of Science degree in occupational therapy. His professional experience includes hospital-based acute care and low vision rehabilitation. Mr. Vice has earned Specialty Certification in Low Vision from the American Occupational Therapy Association. He has also served as on the executive board of the Alabama Occupational Therapy Association as Vice-President and Interim-President. Mr. Vice is currently an Assistant Professor in the UAB Department of Occupational Therapy and has a secondary faculty appointment in the Department of Ophthalmology.

October 7, 2021
Thu 8:15 AM CDT

Duration 1H 45M

This live web event has ended.

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