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Transition to Independence: O&M Modules Which Contribute to Independent Travel on a College Campus

This project will develop online modules in support of students with Orientation and Mobility needs. Through the proposed online modules, students will begin developing a plan of action to identify and locate existing services on campus (including support services for individuals with disabilities and virtual open houses, orientations and tours) that can be utilized to address Orientation and Mobility needs. The proposed modules will facilitate developing specific O&M skills/concepts that contribute to independent travel on a college campus.

Participants will:
1. Learn about the pilot version of this grant-supported O&M project
2. Learn how future iterations of the project may benefit their own transition-age students
3. Shape and guide the completion of the pilot project through a guided discussion
4. Provide support in the form of feedback and critical analysis of the project

This session was presented by Dr. Nicholas Casias on October 7, 2021.